Monday, August 29, 2011

Big Al Exposed

In this recent interview, Al Gore admits, in essence, that the whole global warming scheme has been a plan for redistribution of wealth all along. Van Jones our ex-Green Jobs Czar said as much. The very origins of the green movement have been based on so called Civil Rights issues; Said rights to be defined by the Left of course.
During an interview on Current TV with Alex Bogusky, Al Gore implies that denying climate change was akin to racism. Al would know racists when he sees them as his father, Albert Gore, Sr., voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act....See the Video Here.

Oh, and we must realize one more thing. Big Al Gorelioni is becoming more frustrated and desperate day by day.
New evidence has been coming to light almost daily debunking claims of anthropogenic global warming. Leftist sites are working overtime to protect their scientist de' jour Michael Mann and his disproven theories.

To Al's great disappointment, one of his (and Obama's) pet solar corporations based in Massachusetts , Evergreen Solar just went bankrupt. 

Boston Globe---Gov. Deval Patrick, who is on a seven-day trip to Bermuda, got some harsh words from an unusual source last week when Democratic U.S. Sen. John Kerry criticized the state’s involvement with Evergreen Solar, a failed solar panel maker that received millions in tax breaks and subsidies from the administration.

Kerry said the deal was “badly structured” and that Patrick used “bad judgment” in deciding to engineer the deal. He called the practice of Obama subsidizing this firm and others like it was a "huge waste of stimulis money". Kerry did not go so far as to say that Deval Patrick knew anything aforehand of Evergreen's troubled status.

Evergreen Solar is said to be moving to China.

Longboat Key News suggests that Obama install a new Dept. of Dumb Ideas for all these fantastic new green jobs initiatives.

Poor Al. His little dream world is melting out from under him. It is no wonder he is getting a little testy.

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