Thursday, August 25, 2011

Poke The Bear

Well, here we are. This should be a day of attonement for all free thinking critters everywhere.
This weekend we will see the unveiling of the Martin Luther King Memorial, created and sculpted by a Chi-Com by the way.

I chose today out of a hat for no reason whatsoever, but it seems somehow appropriate to be discussing Civil Rights this coming weekend.
I want this to be an open forum, but I will outline two points of discussion I will intend to focus on while I am here...I will be online from approx. 10:00 till 11:30 EST this morning, and from approx. 2:00 till 4:30 this afternoon.

The Black Bear Rights day is meant to focus on Big Government overreach in two areas...
The way in which this entrenched bureaucratatic Autocracy has decided that it can define  a "Civil Right" as anything from owning a house, to having a cellphone or a broadband well as a right to YOUR MONEY!
Secondly the way that the EPA, the Dept. of the Interior, and the environmentalists have begun to impose UN agenda 21 on ALL OF US---Locally ant on the national level. Every aspect of your life is to be evalusted to determine your impact on the enviroment and what limits must be olaced on your freedom in order to comply with these arbitrary regulations. 
Incedentally, these regs. will be imposed in the final draft by one Cass Sunstein...who believes animals have civil rights.
The way I see it, if Nancy Pelosi and her constituents want to study the habits of Chimpanzees on cocaine, the exercise regimen of gnats, or the necessity of stopping all oil and gas drilling in the southwest to save a lizard; they should fund the studies themselves and open a conservancy to protect said lizards.
I think that you may see the method to my madness. I intend to draw attention to this agency driven; unconstitutional, land and power grab. These unelected men and women will have their boots on our necks for decades to come unless we demand that REAL power be given back to the states, and to the Congress to define and admintster laws on these two issues.
No matter the outcome of the outcome of the Senate and Presidential races in 2012...these Obama zombies could be in place for many years dismantling our industrial capacity and denying us our Constitutional rights in favor of specific "group rights" or whatever they determine to be the cause de'jour.
I hope that many of my friends out there will move locally and statewide in their own way to POKE THIS BIG BUREAUCRATIC BEAR in the butt! Let's attempt to defund these agencies as soon as possible and also to take this GREEN driven agenda out of our schools and off of the media forefront.

Some days the bear bites you and some days you bite the bear!


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Happy Bear Day!

A Retired Marine said...

Isn't it always about race!!!!!

Scott said...

It will be even more so in the coming year R.M...the Left is running out of things to bash Conservatives over the head with. Even Al Gore is getting desperate...upcoming post.