Monday, August 8, 2011

Bahney Fwank To Gut The Military

Rep. Barney Frank has set a determined course to derail the US military in favor of his pets Fannie and Freddie. See the CBS video here. 

The senior Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee says the biggest reason the United States is seeing its credit downgraded is that it spends too much money being "the military policemen of the world."
Rep. Barney Frank tells CBS's "The Early Show" that reining in defense spending is "going to be my mantra" for the next few months.
The liberal Massachusetts Democrat says $200 billion could be saved "without in any way endangering our security" by dialing back U.S. military involvement in the world, including operations in Western Europe. Frank says the military establishment has always had this "great momentum" in politics, but says the credit reversal "could change our thinking." Frank calls the military a logical target "if we're looking for something that breaks the mold" on spending.

I found this letter posted by Old NFO from Republican Congressmen to Obama questioning his promised military cuts. What stands out, the writers point out, is the LACK OF SPECIFICS in any Democrat proposal. They will gut essential as well as non-essential programs in order to fund ever increasing domestic stimulis/porkulis handouts. Here are some more statements from THE MEN IN CHARGE concerning this denuding of our forces. 

Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, President Obama’s nominee to be chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, warned last week that proposed cuts as high as $800 billion to $1 trillion to the military budget would be “extraordinarily difficult and very high risk.”
"If they would exceed $400 billion, we would start to have to make some fundamental changes in the capability of the Marine Corps," said Gen. Joseph Dunford, assistant commandant.
The bottom line is that a $1 Trillion cut would effectively gut the military, and I am at the point that I believe the Democrats will purposely screw this "super congress" up to the point that no bills will pass and they WILL force the cuts to the highest level to gut the military to support their entitlement programs and damn the rest of the world or our mutual aid agreements...


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

You're such a queen Bahney!

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The Queen of all our home mortages and he can't save one house.