Tuesday, August 23, 2011

America Undiscovered

Imagine if you would...the world in 15th century Spain run by an autocratic bureaucracy similar to the one we have now; a nanny state deciding every aspect of the lives of it's citizens through commissions and agencies whose only purpose is to to stall progress and innovation...

30 November 1491
To:  Their Hispanic Majesties Fernando II and Isabel
From:  The Special Committee on the Quality of Life
RE:  The environmental impact upon Spain of the proposed expedition of the Genoese navigator Cristobal Colon, styled in his native Italian Cristoforo Colombo

     "The commission of learned men and mariners, established by Your Majesties under the chairmanship of Fr. Hernando de Talavera, during the period 1486-90 studied exhaustively the proposals set forth by the Genoese captain Colon, and rejected them as being extravagant and impractical. In the present year a second commission, headed by the Grand Cardinal, Pedro Gonzalez de Mendoza, has also seen fit to decline the services of Colon. The present Special Committee on the Quality of Life finds itself in complete accord with the previous two bodies of inquiry. It is our unanimous conclusion that the rash scheme advocated by this visionary would, if adopted, do serious damage to the finances and ecology of Spain; that this damage, if permitted, would unacceptably alter the life-style of the citizens of Spain; and, most important, that the proposed voyage would expose any sailors engaged theron to unacceptable risks of permanent bodily illness and even death."

Exerpted from
"Report of the Special Committee on the Quality of Life"
by Eric G. Iverson
From "Universe 10" edited by Terry Carr, 1980

The author goes on to describe the devastation that would be wrought by deforestation to build ships; the effect that the influx of foreign goods would have on the Spanish economy;
foreign agents---addictive substances---lack of housing for the poor---
Ask yourself; What are we doing with NASA now? What great achievements are we to expect in this century under the current restrictions?

Almost since the day that Columbus ran aground in the New World there has been a controversy as to whether he had any right to do so. The most radical, deranged Leftist Moonbats would rewrite history as if Columbus was a ruthless invader (in spite of historical evidence showing him to be a totally different character).
The Lefties' utopian dream of an agrarian society based on Native culture and stone age or Dark Age life in the "Greenwood" would be a reality if only Western civilization and the industrial revolution had never touched these "pristine" shores.
Yes, and they would have never been born...and if they were they would probably have been overrun and slaughtered by the millions by advancing hordes of Mongols, Ottomans, or simple dull natives. 

I have some friends (I use the term loosely) in the Native American tribal community who say that they stomp on the American flag in ritual dances and would burn it before putting it up in honor.

The statue of Columbus in Providence, RI has been vandalized in ritual fashion. Even the mention of Columbus in our nation's schoolbooks has been banned and the history lesson has been changed to include a more "diverse" view.
Our nation itself; our very sovereignty; is at risk today because of Federal land grabs involving millions of acres. I feel that The Obama Regime would be only too happy to hand over the land AND control of the natural resources of most western states; even some in the east; to Native and Latino groups. That is after the Chinese and Russians get their piece of the American Pie.

The GOOD American citizen needs to stand is ground against this "Reconquista movement.
Today we see that the fate of  the Colorado River and the whole Colorado basin is to be considered a "Latino issue". This push to "divide the spoils" of America will only intensify over the next several years, as long as borders remain unsecured and Leftist policy is forced on Americans by executive decree.

My essential point to this earlier conjecture is to make you think on the possible changes that might have occurred on the world landscape had America not been discovered at the VERY MOMENT that it was.
The previous visits by others to these shores is not relevent to this discussion lefties...so there!
 The ramifications of a 50 year or a century's delay of the American emergence on the world scene would have been dramatic and possibly chatastrophic...no matter what your idealogical views may be on the matter.

This path we find our Dear Leader and his cronies driving us on will ultimately lead to stagnation and DEATH for this America. Growth cannot be achieved under the stifling grip of a tyrannical autocracy.

     "Therefore, it is the determination of the Special Committee on the Quality of Life, appointed by Your Hispanic Majesties as per the environmental protection ordinances of the realm, that the proposals of Colon do in several ways outlined above comprise a clear and present danger to the quality and security of life within the kingdom, and that they should for that reason be rejected. Respectfully in triplicate submitted by'

"Jaime Nosenada
Chairman of the Special Committee
on the Quality of Life"



Woodsterman (Odie) said...

As the First Family would say, "Let them eat peas!"

Scott said...

The "Imperial President"---they used to call Bush---yea RIGHT.