Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Magical Misery Bus Tour

See the VIDEO first here, on The Warrior Bard!


CynthiaSeesitright said...

Obama's bus tour today left me in shock, he wasn’t there for any other reason but to campaign. For him to walk away from that teaparty person , was
out of the question, it would have made him look even more foolish than he already is. Lets not fall into his trap, he was not there to listen or to compromise. . He was there only to obtain votes and walking away wouldn’t do that for his, would it! He hates us republicans/Conservatives
This was BHO LISTEN TO ME tour...he put himself out let him take the heat..He NEVER listens to the American ppl. It is HIS FAULT and he had to have known that it was coming....He has that ego thing going on. He doesn't listen to us because he doesn't consider us on his level. He has bought into his own importance and we just don't matter at all.

Scott said...

HIS response to sycophant Wolf Blitzer (CNN) after one tour stop was enlightening. HIS big plan is to change the way we redistribute wealth in this "democracy". It reminds me of a Joe The Plumber moment. HE will install a Jobs Agency for favored victim's groups and the Congressional Debt Commission is a joke. His plan is to buy votes to get HIMSELF elected and nothing more...As you say...ME...ME...ME!