Friday, August 26, 2011

Steubenville Gangster

YO...we be rollin' GANGSTA in KILLA VILLE taday ma dudes! Check da latest vids hea mon...Dees two tell it on da sly thug chizzle side o' life! these three linked videos to see what I live with every day! 

I normally don't review or recommend books. I leave that to my extremely savy and intelligent readers. However I will say that Ann Coulter really nails it with her new book, "Demonic--How The Liberal Mob Mentality is Endangering America".

Here in "Killaville" it has been said that if you want to get away with murder, just go to Steubenville. The growing list of unsolved cases of murder and violent assault speak for themselves.
But I will speak of another THUG on the loose here today. 
If you are "connected" in Killaville with all the old skool conotations intended, you can gain an elected position for life, get arrested for drunken driving, leaving the scene, and destruction of property, and you will walk away with a slap on the wrist.
Case in Domenic Mucci, Mayor of Steubenville. This is a token position with no real authority other than to be a "symbol of the community".

Read the WTOV 9 story and see the police dashcam video HERE.

Poster by Dale

As a point of reference, I will recall the story that I told you about last year.
Just before the 2010 elections we were graced by a visit from Nancy Pelosi; The "Pineapple Princess" HERSELF nere in Killaville.
She recieved an award of some sort from Mayor Mucci. He has a list of contacts that go very high up indeed!
Mayor Mucci, like so many other city officials is a "made man'. His family ties and Democrat "connections" have assured this for decades. City Council will not touch this man with a ten foot pole. His status guaruntees this!          
I really could not care any less about his sexual preferences, but does this, along with his cozy relationship with the Democrat / Mob Power Elite  give Mayor Mucci a pass on blatant lawless behavior?


They refuse to fire, or at the very least reprimand Mucci for his REPEATED drunken driving violations...four of them. Council is in the Demoncat / Mob tank as well.
Just another day in "da hood".


Teresa said...

From what I remember from living there, there were definitely some gangsta sections of Steubenville that were mighty unfriendly. Has it been run by Democrats for awhile?

Scott said...

This "Lil' Chicago" it was called once has been the playground of The Mob, Union thuggery, and the Democrat party corruption that has infected urbania for half a century. Most of these people live at least 10 years behind the rest of the country, and will vote "D" till the day they die