Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Progressive Bears for Justice

Yes folks, on the eve of Black Bear Rights Day we are announcing a push on Congress to enact the Black Bear Recovery act of 2011!
This push is being headed by a new group of Lib Bears who call themselves "Progressive Bears for Justice" or P. B. and J. for short. (Black bears just love PB&J's)
I wish to thank all of you Progressive minded friends out there who are "raising the awareness" of the plight of Liberal bears everywhere. Some folks have really gotten into the act! 

As you may know, once a Liberal bear has become accustomed to handouts, he does not wish to work for his food anymore...all that digging for roots and berries...running after small game and all can wear a poor bear down.
So be aware that our representatives will be showing up at your door starting tomorrow; and for the entire fall season; looking for handouts and donations. Please be generous! We need to fatten up our lobbyists to send them to Congress.
Our representatives are VERY persistant!


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

They just opened black bear hunting season in Nevada.

Scott said...

My daughter and son in law hunt them sometimes in PA. Bow and arrow/sidearm only. starts soon I think.