Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Show Me The Money--NOW

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It's time to drum up the troops!

With trillions of FED fiat money now in hand, and more stimulis/porkulis cash on the way...FOR JOBS AND THE RECOVERY OF COURSE...Obama has to hit the road again, on your dime, in order to make up for lost time on the campaign beat. There is never a missed opportunity for this sly, crafty electioneer.
Expect more and expanded unemployment benefits. There will be a push for amnesty in one form or another. Damn the Constitution---FULL SPEED AHEAD---and  forget the rule of law. Expect an executive order; possibly many more in the months to come.  And with these ORDERS come the billions in handouts that go along with that.
As befits the Chickago thugocracy, only the favored unions, faithful states, contributor corporations, and victims groups will be permitted at the Regime trough.

WASHINGTON (The Blaze/AP) — The elongated and often contentious debate in Washington over the nation‘s debt has had a hefty price tag for President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.
Officials expect to raise tens of millions of dollars less this summer than it did in the spring because negotiations over the nation’s debt limit forced Obama to cancel several fundraisers.
Obama’s campaign said Wednesday it canceled or postponed 10 fundraisers involving the president, Vice President Joe Biden and White House chief of staff Bill Daley in the past month because of the debt talks, scrubbing events in California, New York and elsewhere.

(USA Today) — When President Obama travels on business, politics isn’t far behind.
In the 2½ years he has been president, Obama has traveled to 40 states. Not counting Virginia and Maryland because of their proximity to the White House, half of his visits have been to the 13 “swing” states that likely will decide the 2012 presidential race. Only 16% have been to safe Republican states.
When it comes to policy events that focused on the economy, twice as many visits have been to swing states. Outside of the Washington metropolitan area, Ohio is the clear leader, with the industrial Midwest getting heavy attention.
A USA TODAY review of Obama’s public events clearly shows that he favors battleground states the most, with Democratic states most useful for fundraising and Republican states seldom visited:
  • The states that were closest in the 2008 election — Missouri, North Carolina, Indiana and Florida — have received at least five Obama visits each. His first trip as president was to Indiana, which he won by less than 1%. Before that week was out, he also hit Florida and Virginia, both crucial swing states.
  • Heavily Democratic New York, California, Illinois and Massachusetts get ample attention because of their size and fundraising capability. Twenty-four of 38 visits to those four states included political events.
  • Obama has skipped 10 states entirely — nine of them solidly Republican. The other, tiny Vermont, is solidly Democratic and has received just two presidential visits in 35 years. Only in May did Obama visit Kentucky and Tennessee for the first time.
Keep reading…President Obama raised more than $3.6 million on the eve of his 50th birthday Wednesday night, at three birthday party-themed events in Chicago. Back in Washington, two private birthday parties, not fundraisers, are scheduled for him at the White House on Thursday, his actual birthday.

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WomanHonorThyself said...

how absurd is all of this..and we fund all their madness...arg!!!

Robert said...

Hee, hee, I love this place.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

It's all about being reelected ... ALL of them!

You didn't tell me, can you comment at stopsign's place now?

Scott said...

Working fine now Odie---THX much whatever we did, it worked.
THX to you Robert--always a hoot around here.
WHT--you said it--We are funding Libtard reelection campaigns with OUR TAX DOLLARS and tax breaks for so called "bi-partisan non-profit" orgs. like Soros's C.A.P and so many others.