Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Great Expectations and Dashed Hopes

I attended the Rick Santorum Super Tuesday speech last night at Steubenville Big Red HS. Enthusiasm was high and the expectations of the overflowing crowd were great. In the end however, Ohio turned over it's delegates to Mittens.
Romney won by 12,000 votes or so, largely due to the ballots cast by the mostly liberal urban centers...Cleveland and Cincinnati.

Some in the local media are saying that Santorum lost because he failed to spend enough here in OH. Others proclaim that the loss is due to his alienation of; and loss of support by; unmarried women. {This presumably due to his recent statements regarding contraception}

At the expense of being identified as a "Rushie" these images largely declare my position on this matter.

You can watch the full speech HERE if you wish, but perhaps one of the underlying reasons for Santorum's appeal lies embedded in the following clip from last night.

...Or perhaps not...but I just had to inject this point...

Rick really needs to get into attack mode and go all caveman on Obama in the coming months.

I do not subscribe to the sly commentary and subliminal messaging included in this Buzz Feed clip, but it does have some merit.

STEUBENVILLE, OHIO -- Mitt Romney's people thought Mitt Romney was going to win Ohio on Super Tuesday. Rick Santorum's people thought Mitt Romney was going to win Ohio, too.

But in the end, the result was closer than anyone anticipated, with Romney pulling narrowly ahead late Tuesday night by a margin of a single percentage point. Santorum, who had led early returns for much of the evening, had clearly given Romney a bad scare, and it was enough for him to claim a moral victory.

"We've won races all over this country against the odds," Santorum told a few hundred supporters who gathered in a high-school gymnasium in this Ohio Valley steel town, not far from Pittsburgh on the other side of the Ohio River. "When they thought, 'OK, he's finally finished,' we keep coming back. We are in this thing."

Santorum nearly won this pivotal state despite having been outspent by a wide margin. In the other states that voted, Romney also underperformed somewhat. He won Idaho, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Virginia, but Santorum took Oklahoma, Tennessee, and North Dakota, while Newt Gingrich ran away with Georgia.

Santorum's chief strategist, John Brabender, said GOP voters were sending a message to Romney: Not so fast. "He's saying, 'It's halftime, I'm winning, let's call the game.' And people aren't buying it," Brabender said...Read More at The Atlantic

On a happier note...
From of the the liberal/progressive bastions of our state, Dennis Kuchinich, Ohio's "Favorite Communist Alien Son" has lost the Democrat primary for his district to "Political Whore" Marcy Kaptur.
I am only quoting the  website don't lose it you PC nuts out there.
She will go on to run against "Joe the Plumber" Wurzelbacher in the main election, in what is building up to be a hottly contested race.

The Lefty Loons at MSLSD are crying real crocodile tears!

"That's amazing," a shocked Rachel Maddow reacted to the news that Dennis Kucinich lost his primary race on Super Tuesday. Kucinich lost his district after Ohio redrew their Congressional lines, leaving him to run in a nearby district against an incumbent Democrat.

"That means that there's not going to be a Dennis Kucinich in Congress anymore, which is almost hard to believe. He has been a singular force for his, not only for his ideological position but he's just been such a character," Maddow lamented.

"He was the dependable guy with the progressive community. He'll be missed," Al Sharpton said.

"He's a guy that you could always count on when it came to a universal healthcare conversation, or when it came to getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan and also middle-class issues and also he was good on labor," Ed Schultz said.

Kucinich wasn't just popular with the MSNBC crowd as Chris Matthews will note.

"Dennis is very popular in these circles, in media circles. We all know him," the "Hardball" host revealed...Real Clear Politics Video Here


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