Friday, March 2, 2012

She Is Sooooo Beautiful...and Classy Too!

What a delightful woman.
(Daily Mail) — With a formal dinner for the few, President Barack Obama on Wednesday paid solemn tribute to the many.
The president, who opposed the Iraq war from its outset, thanked those who fought its battles by sitting down to a candlelit meal with a small cross section of the million-plus who served there over the past nine years.
Though the mood was reflective, the First Lady was caught looking rather grumpy at several points throughout the night.
The attitude is not typical of Mrs Obama, as she has dedicated much of her attention to the needs of military families and veterans when they return back from combat.
In spite of her dedication to the cause, she seemed rather unenthusiastic in the photos from the evening.
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I delayed posting this news story until today, just so I would be sure to portray our classy and elegant first lady in the proper light following her recent appearance at a dinner meant to honor our troops returning from Iraq. I will no doubt incur the wrath of every Media Matters Leftist troll out there, for posting the following images from The People's Cube but so be it. This woman deserves all the attention that she can "attract"...I know...That is the wrong word to use here...

Just imagine what great changes SHE must have in mind for our military over the next 5 yrs. or so.


Anonymous said...

You had a lot of fun with this post, didn't you?

Scott said...

I was banned from Facebook for three months not long ago for a similar posting concerning Moochelle's large derrierre.
Yes I enjoy "stirring the soup" as it were. Thanks for noticing Trestin. All my best to you and yours.

dragondog 59 said...

She's repellent.