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Cross Dressing For Kindergartners

Blazing Cat Fur...Note that this was sent me by a concerned reader. The following is taken from page 22 of an elementary grades curriculum guide written for the Toronto District School Board by one Lee Hicks, a "Trans Activist", and God Have Mercy, an elementary school teacher in the TDSB system.

The Guide is entitled
Both/and.. This section makes it plain that students are to be encouraged to become cross dressers. As you read the entire document you will realize that this is not a curriculum guide but rather a radical political agenda. My hope is that Lee Hicks is immediately transferred to Valley Park Middle School where he and his GSA can compete for space with the Mosqueteria.

"If we as educators continue to focus children as “girls and boys” ... it doesn’t actually matter how progressive our ideas are... because our practice and the language with which we impart it will remain entrenched in the belief that there are only two genders." (page 18, entitled "early learner - kindergarten program")

From Page 22 of the TDSB's Cross Dressing Guide For Elementary School Students.

4. Once the demonstration self-portrait of myself is done, I ask the class members to all take a minute, close their eyes, and think carefully about the outfit that they either have or wish they had to best describe their true self… We will save the sharing of these ideas for the next day, just before watching the both/and video and commencing the self-portrait creating.

5. Directly after the idea of “what do you most want to draw yourself wearing” has been suggested into the students’ brains, I read them 10 000 Dresses by Marcus Ewert. This book is about a kid named Bailey who happens to be born in a body that people read as “boy”. She dreams of all of the dresses that she would wear if she could make what she saw in her head…. and if her family would realize that actually –she is a girl on the inside.

Following this reading, there are lots of different directions that the discussion may go, all of which can provide a helpful segway into watching both/and.

For example;- which of the dresses that Bailey imagines in the story would YOU most like to wear, and why? (definitely NOT a discussion that is just for female-bodied kids…it should be clear to male-bodied people in the class that it is perfectly fine and good and encouraged for them to have an opinion about this as well).

- how do you think that the different people in this book are feeling?... why do you think that they have these feelings? i.e. why do you think that Bailey’s brother is being so mean to her?

- how do you think the story would be different if Bailey really WAS a boy on the inside

See the whole text here...TDSB Cross Dressing Curriculum For Kindergarten

H/T to Mark Scott

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