Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Great Mingo Junction Cat Rescue

This is "BOO"


Yesterday I arrived at the home of an old friend living just down river in Mingo Junction, OH. He has some physical disabilities and we have both helped each other through similar problems over the years.

He is an avid cat lover and has three beautiful purebred specimens which he cares for with utter devotion.

I arose this morning to the rumble of his cats leaping from floor to window, to table, to floor, to me, and back again. "BOO" the oldest and an extremely large critter indeed was not to be ignored.

BOO led me immediately to a window on the side of this two story duplex. I looked out and there, to my horror, I saw a black cat; which belonged to the next door neighbor: stuck in the crawlspace between the buildings almost at basement level. There was no possible egress for the poor kitteh other than the way he had fallen in...STRAIGHT UP.

The Mingo Junction Fire Department was called, and following an extremely difficult climb and extraction effort, the young cat was rescued from it's harrowing ordeal.

I have spent many years working my trade as a carpenter up and down this Ohio valley, and I enjoy visiting my old friends in these little towns of the rust belt.

As you may realize...if you follow me even on an even semi regular basis...I have a point to which I am attempting to arrive at here.

First...This story is entirely factual.

Second...I also want you to realize that our financial structure /// revenue stream /// is dwindling to a point of no return in this valley. Obama's war on coal and all heavy manufacturing is killing us here. Even a boost in our unemployment figures offered by the shale/gas/oil industry is not nearly enough to keep our public services afloat in the coming years. The Environmentalists are on the move now, hard and fast, trying to destroy this entrepreneurship and all new drilling as well.

HERE I will offer you the links to the latest economic bust to hit our little valley...

RG Steel Files For Warrior Bard

At this point I wonder...Who will rescue us?
Of course we really know the answer...No one but ourselves. We have seen this too often in the past...

Maybe this will help...MORE UNION STIMULUS!!!

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