Tuesday, June 19, 2012

To The Internet Gulag With You!

According to CNN:

         Western governments, including the United States, appear to be stepping up efforts to     censor Internet search results and YouTube videos, according to a "transparency report" released by Google.
In the last half of 2011, U.S. agencies asked Google to remove 6,192 individual pieces of content from its search results, blog posts or archives of online videos, according to the report. That’s up 718% compared with the 757 such items that U.S. agencies asked Google to remove in the six months prior.

Overall, Google received 187 requests from United States law enforcement agencies and courts to remove content from its Web properties from July to December, up 103% from the 92 requests the Mountain View, California, company received in the previous reporting period.

In one incident cited in the report, a U.S. law enforcement agency asked Google to take down a blog that “allegedly defamed a law enforcement official in a personal capacity.” The company did not comply with that request.

In another, a separate law enforcement group asked Google to take down 1,400 YouTube videos (Google owns YouTube) because of “alleged harassment.”
Eeek! That may make you think twice before waltzing around the internet.

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How long will it be until it will become "verboten" to expose the Dear Leader's lies?

Big Journalism

The media loves to come up with catchphrases that boil down who they are and how things operate in the world of politics. Phrases such as, "It's the cover up, not the crime," or, "It's the lie that gets you." Both of these statements have always proven true, at least for every Republican under the sun, but most certainly not for Barack Obama.

According to Obama's chief Palace Guard, Ben Smith, biographer David Maraniss has uncovered at least 38 lies in Obama's biographical accounts of himself. Moreover, since New Media started vetting Obama this year, two other epic whoppers told by the President have been discovered: Bill Ayers was not

"This is a guy who lives in my neighborhood, who is a professor of English … He is not somebody who I exchange ideas from on a regular basis."
We've also learned that Barack Obama was a MEMBER of the New Party, which completely contradicts what his campaign told the media in 2008.

H/T to Rash Manley 


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Pretty soon they won't ask, and that's when it starts.

Scottcarp Dreamer said...

Well stated. The NSA just declared that it would be "a violation of your privacy to tell you if they had been spying on you". Just as you said...