Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thanks For The Memories

Ohhhh my...suprise suprise...The Obumacare mandate is deemed valid by the Supremes. Who saw this one coming in an election year???Hmmmm?

Well the fight ain't over till the fat lady sings...OUCH fellas!

While we could be angry at you, Mr. President, for polarizing the nation, amassing $5 trillion in debt over 3.5 years, attempting to pass socialized medicine, pushing through fascist federal ‘green’ laws, usurping Congressional authority, and harboring a criminal somewhere in the Department of Justice (we think he’s hiding in the Attorney General’s office), we should actually thank you.

In fact, sir, if you wish to know who it was that supplied a rushing wind to feed the ‘brush fires of freedom in the minds of men‘, it was you.

Even your ‘friends’, the liberals, understand this. In an article from, John Presta goes to great lengths to talk about the Tea Party’s origins, and how it was your tyrannical actions that sparked it’s existence.

Of course, he did all he could to portray the Tea Party as a mob, just trying to stop a good man from doing something good …but to those of us who understood economics, healthcare, deficit spending, banking, and, oh yes, the Constitution, we understood that your actions hastened the destruction of our cherished liberties and the prosperity of the US. The nation knew it, and so the Tea Party mobilized. Your supporter, Presta, states, mocking a man who cared for his country:

The Tea Party was on the day that Rick Santelli went into a silly rant on CNBC. The date was February 19, 2009 and it is obvious that the rant was less about politics, and more about this new President, Barack Obama. His rant was about government and spending. It was about paying your neighbor’s mortgage that has an extra bathroom and they can’t pay their bills. President Obama had been in office less than a month.”
He further goes on to say,
What is evident that this was aimed at President Obama and nothing else. Thus, the Tea Party was born. The catalyst was Obamacare, which didn’t occur until March 23, 2010.”...(Snip)

Mr. President, the atmosphere at those Tea Party protests was exhilarating. It was a time of gathering for those who loved liberty, their country, their guns, and religion. It was a time where patriotism was contagious, and the brush fire raced from sea to shining sea. We who protested found that we were making history, and the events during the your administration were times we will never forget. Now, the nation’s movement back to conservatism, fiscal responsibility, and the Constitution is inevitable.
President Barack Hussein Obama, we do sincerely thank you.
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T.N.B.C. said...

Brilliantly stated...

Anonymous said...

This lying sack of shit of a President promised no new taxes ? And according to John Roberts and the rest of the Supreme Court this IS a Tax? You Lib's can have fun with Obamascare,. Me? I'm voting for Mitt Romney, and if Obama and his administration hasn't established a dictatorship by then and. elections no longer required, he will be done!

Scottcarp Dreamer said...

Our republic took a huge hit here...The plunderers may win. We must hold the line somewhere!

Scottcarp Dreamer said...

Thx all...Beck just said...TAKE ACTION NOW AND EXPECT GOOD CONSEQUENCES. Sound advice in tough times.