Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Are We Done Yet?

As Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney trudges through the campaign trail all the way to November, he can rest easy knowing that the award-winning pornographic actress Jenna Jameson is in his corner.

The two-time Adult Video News winner for best girl-on-girl sex scene announced her support for Romney on Thursday at a San Francisco strip club...(snip)

And Republicans like pornography, she noted: “I think a lot of libs or lefties think all cons hate porn. I’ve always known different.”

She also praised presidents Reagan and Bush: “I have said this before. Did bush destroy my industry? Did Reagan? Did Bush SR? NO, we thrived. We always will.”

“I want the days of major tax breaks back! Come one [sic] Reagan era!”

Read more: The Daily Caller

Well, so much for the gratuitous sex and overexposure...
I guess we can just thank God we are not Norway yet.

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