Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Built It...I Will Fix It

I have been doing some R and D recently while simultaneously remodeling an old farm / dream house for a friend...No this is not it...but it has given me some ideas. This cottage reminds me of some that I designed and built when I was working in the "animation factory". 

My point is that I have been so very busy with many diverse projects here of late. I have been so completely involved with my research and with my other efforts that I have found little time to devote right here online where I enjoy myself the most.

Then a storm hit my "Internet Cloud" the other day. I lost most connectivity for some time. I have since managed to reboot most of my system, but my stamina is not what it once was.

I have now decided that I need a break. If I push myself in too many directions at once, I find that all my projects and achievements suffer.

I have decided to take a short boat trip down one of the local back waters just to recharge the old batteries you know. So keep an eye on things for me out there...See ya in a few days...and don't let the virtual train jump the tracks on y'all!


boilerdoc said...

I've been hitting that wall all summer Scott, you got to take time to recharge every so often.

Scott Way said...

Yeah, it has been sneaking up on me..."Take care of yourself for me."...My Mom always told me.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Good ones Scotty!

Scott Way said...

THX Capn'!