Thursday, August 30, 2012

I Hear Dem Dam Whistles Again

The only dog whistles today being sounded are all from the left, as Democrats desperately attempt to convince Americans that it is still their duty to vote again for Obama.

The hysteria on the left on this point has become particularly intense this week, as the Republican National Convention has served as a convenient target for commentators like MSNBC’s Chris Matthews who have become nearly unhinged trying to prove that Republicans are appealing to racism.
But if anyone is determined to keep race on the minds of Americans it is the Democrats. The obsessive search for hidden racism in Republican rhetoric isn’t merely because, as Mickey Kaus noted today on his blog, they “simply have race on the brain.” It’s because waving the bloody shirt of the fight against segregation is their only way of recapturing the magic of 2008, in which Americans took pride in voting for Barack Obama because doing so was a way to take part in a historic achievement.

After four years of presidential futility, it’s not possible to make voters buy into another round of “hope and change.” But it is still possible to make independents and wavering Democrats think voting Republican will undo the progress that Obama’s election signaled...Read More

The racist Obama-cheerleader just can't stop talking about Obama's race. What is this dog-whistling racism with liberals claiming Obama is "clean?"
From RCP:
On MSNBC's Hardball today, host Chris Matthews went into a rant defending President Obama as one of the most middle-class people we've had as president. Matthews also said he has a "perfect record" and is "clean as a whistle."
"I think -- you know, I think President Obama is one of the most middle-class people we've had as president, one of the most regular," Matthews said on his nightly MSNBC program today.
"He's a self-made man," New York Magazine's John Heilemann chimed in.
"He's done everything -- I said it today, without being a big lib about it, he's done everything anybody has ever asked African-Americans to do in this country. Perfect family, perfect record, clean as a whistle. All he has done is work for people that need help. He's never grabbed the money," Matthews also said.
What in the hell has anyone asked African-Americans to do Chrissy? What type of racist mumble is this? Obama's grabbed close to $6 trillion in 3.5 years not to mention his perfect record of record deficits, debt, poverty, long-term unemployment and food stamp usage on top of a credit downgrade, Solyndra and Fast & Furious.
Can Matthews possible be the biggest Obama fluffer in US history? YES!?!

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