Tuesday, August 14, 2012

No Energy For You

We see today that the compassionate Left and at least one judge has deemed fit to allow us to build half a pipeline. How nice...A pipe to nowhere. Meanwhile, greenies are blocking wind and solar projects nationwide.
The subversive Communist plan to push America back into the 18th century is still moving along quite nicely thank you Obuma.

The 485-mile southern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline, linking Oklahoma to Gulf Coast refineries, is set to begin construction on schedule today after a federal judge denied a temporary injunction bid filed by the Sierra Club and other critics of the project.

The environmental group challenged the Army Corps of Engineers' use of a standard Clean Water Act permit to gauge the impact of the President Obama-blessed pipeline that was renamed the Gulf Coast Project after TransCanada Corp. split it off from the oil link's more controversial northern portion. An Oklahoma City federal court denied their suit, finding that the pipeline's "benefits ... far exceed its costs."...Read More

Two Oregon-based environmental groups have filed a federal lawsuit to block construction of a huge wind farm atop Steens Mountain in rural Harney County.

Gaming the Renewable Energy System

In the suit, the Audubon Society of Portland and the Oregon Natural Desert Association say “energy speculators willing to game the system and take advantage of the state’s strong renewable energy mandates” threaten to “radically transform significant portions of terrestrial landscape.”
The “energy speculators” the groups have targeted are Columbia Energy Partners, which plans to develop the proposed $300 million Echanis Wind Project in southeastern Oregon. Upon completion, the project will feature between 40 and 60 415-foot-high turbines on 10,000 acres of private ranch land. The Echanis project is one of two wind farms proposed for locations on or near 9,733-foot Steens Mountain.
In an interesting twist, the power generated at Steens Mountain would not go to homes in Oregon but would be sent over power lines to California. Both states have renewable energy mandates, and the electricity produced at Steens Mountain would help meet both states’ renewable energy requirements.

‘Worst Place’ for Wind Development

If the two green groups have their way, California and Oregon will have to look elsewhere to meet their renewable energy mandates...Read More

Sierra Club, NRDC Sue Feds To Stop Big California Solar Power Project

Three national environmental groups sued the federal government Monday in a second bid to stop construction of a giant solar power plant in the California desert that they say would harm the imperiled desert tortoise, the golden eagle and other protected wildlife.

The litigation is the latest twist in a seven-year saga over the 663.5-megawatt Calico solar station to be built on 7.2-square miles of government-owned land in the Mojave Desert in San Bernardino County. So far the multibillion-dollar project has changed hands three times, switched technologies and won and lost a contract to sell electricity to utility Southern California Edison.

Back in April 2005, Stirling Energy Systems, an Arizona startup, signed a contract with the utility to sell up to 850 megawatts of electricity to be generated by 30,000 solar dishes that would stand 40 feet high. By the time the California Energy Commission licensed Calico in October 2010, Stirling Energy Systems had been acquired by Ireland’s NTR and folded into a subsidiary called Tessera Solar. Regulators, concerned over the massive project’s impact on the desert tortoise, whittled it down to 663.5 megawatts.

That didn’t satisfy the Sierra Club, which petitioned the California Supreme Court to overturn the licensing of the project. California Unions for Reliable Energy, which had pressed Tessera to employ union labor to build Calico, also petitioned the state Supreme Court to block the project on environmental grounds...Read More



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