Thursday, February 17, 2011

Don't Call Me WORKER

     I will begin with some sage advice given me by my dear grandfather. He said, "Unions are the root of Socialism and will lead this nation into Communism one day." This man worked as a farmer and in the WV coal mines through the depression. He was around when the trade unionists were coming to their heyday in Europe and were building a socialist/progressive following here.

     He witnessed the intimidation and thuggery before Trumpka even flexed his union "muscle". Later he moved to PA and eventually became a rural postmaster.

      He saw the co opting of our small farms that made it impossible for a small farmer to set a reasonable price for his goods on the free market. Those with corporate/union ties set the prices and the agenda and you went along or sold out to bigger interests.

     The poster above was printed in 1957; one year after I was born. Six years later President Kennedy signed the executive order permitting federal employees to unionize. My grandfather read the writing on the wall and opposed the postal union movement vehemently--to no avail. He told me what this would result in. Where a postman was once a civil "servant" and a respected pioneer in his community, this change would mean that future postal "WORKERS" would look on their position as an entitlement and as their benefits and power increased in government circles the Postal Service and all of us would suffer.

     We see today how this bureaucratic entitlement mentality has grown into the monstrous system that oppresses all of us today. When the unions and government get in bed together we have become a servile class; subject to the whims of the aristocracy. For the most part all the skilled trades are controlled by the unions. These "workers" owe their livelihood to the union bosses and must tow the line and support any agenda set forth for them. Government "workers" are controlled and manipulated even more cruelly. For example; Treasury Dept. and DHS "workers" are not permitted to see the Drudge Report on their computers. No free speech allowed there! Once this corrupt, unholy alliance is forged these workers  "owe their soul to the company store."

     Now, with a global Communist / "Workers United" / One World / and One Nation movement on the rise we see the SEIU and it's infiltrators in the Obama administration looking to the huge influx of illegal aliens as a way to balloon their ranks of dupes willing to join the Socialist/Progressive movement.

Obamacare will add thousands of health care "workers" to union rolls. These jobs would not be for nurses or doctors either; but rather for administrators and low ranking assistants, along with the federal bureaucrats to run this dog and pony show. Even before the full effect of Obamacare has been felt we have learned that the Dept. of HHS is larger than the whole L.B. Johnson administration right now!  

     The up and coming Republican House and Governors around the nation are finally trying to stem this Communist tide. Maybe this is too little to late but this is a worthy and extremely urgent cause. The governors of Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida, possibly Pennsylvania, and others are rejecting federal money for the light high speed rail projects that would only send them further into debt subsidizing more bloated union payrolls and pensions.

     Cap and Trade or any EPA imposed regulation is a payoff to the unions as well, as any lucrative government"Green" project has to be given to a union contractor--and many times Obama has given these contracts to his cronies without any bids being proposed.

     House Speaker Boehner says that if some of the 250,000 new Obama regime workers get laid off; "so be it." I agree. These cuts can be made incrementally to the force, along with adjustments to  pension and benefit plans so as not to have such an immediate harmful effect on people.
     The governor of Wisconsin is considering barring public workers from participating in collective bargaining agreements. This has led to widespread protests from teachers. School has been canceled today due to fog---Yeah Right!
Obama says he has been too busy to follow the Wisconsin budget situation.
More Obamaspeak.--Yea Right!

     Governor Kasich of Ohio said that if State workers strike they will be "punished". I say that a hard line must be taken and it is high time a line was drawn in the sand right now!
     I applaud Governor Christie when he says "Go ahead, shut the government down. I'll just go upstairs, order a pizza, open a beer and watch the Mets."

Finally, I say that the term "worker" puts Americans into a "Lumpen Proletariat" framework which assumes an organized / unionized herd mentality which is easily controlled and manipulated.
So you  may call me an entrepreneur, an employee, self -employed, or unemployed. 

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Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I was a union member for thirty years and felt I was held back. I hated the union, but I had a choice were I was. I had to pay the union dues, but I had a choice to being a member or not. At least as a member I would have a vote. Yes, don't call me "Worker" or "Brother" either!