Friday, February 25, 2011

Attention! Attention! Stay Where You Are!

The following is an urgent message from El Presidente'. Our Dear Leader is about to speak! All citizens must stay where you are until the FEMA buses arrive!

That is right; stay where you are: The FCC is about to bring us one of the new "innovations" that Obama has promised us---THE PRESIDENTIAL ALERT SYSTEM. No more will we have to rely on that antiquated civil defense warning syatem that will interrupt all transmissions / broadcast-cable-and broadband internet. Now the Dear Leader himself will be able to break in at any moment to give you the latest updates on the home grown terrorist threats that face our great nation; including those from the Tea Party Militia, Pro-life Activists, and Ron Paul supporters.

Stay tuned to hear where and when to recieve vital information on where we want you to be when the next crisis hits! All must comply!

This is no joke. Look on and you will see the plans laid out for this glorious new system. Zeig Heil!


stopsign said...

I wonder how long it would take for FEMA to arrive..Do you think anyone would still be alive by then?
Liked the post

Scott said...

Darn Teamsters Union drivers won't drive in the snow! My Dem. State Senator Wilson almost threatened union slowdowns in snow removal if the Kasich "Union buster" bill Sen.5 passes here in OH. Oh, and don't be there! never go where they tellyou to---So says Glenn Beck.