Friday, February 11, 2011

Big Sis Says The Border Is Now Secure

     I had planned on doing a post about all the testimony being done in front of Congress this week. The useful idiots spinning for the regime and the lying to Representatives and the American people is more rampant than ever. I thought that it was against the law to lie in a Congressional hearing. At least it is for baseball players and normal citizens. The government bureaucrat has immunity to the truth though--I forgot.
     However I must comment on border security and the new developments in our southwest region.
     Gov. Brewer has sued the federal govt. over it's lack of border control. The Big Sis approach will only work temporarily.
     Representative Royce along with others in Congress have recently visited the border and he has introduced a bill requiring the feds to finish the border fence construction. His bill in 2006 authorized the fence and funded it, but political wrangling and incompetence have halted it. He has included language that would prevent the Dept. of Agriculture or the Dept. of the Interior from interfering with the construction as they have done consistently in the past.
     This should be the hot button issue facing us this year. With the budgetary constraints alone facing states and local communities this should be a TOP priority! This is the third tier of the Soros/Obama plan for the demise of our national sovereignty. Open borders and amnesty must be stopped!
     Recently a 16 year old girl was kidnapped in New Mexico and held by drug thugs for $80,000.00 ransom. Her parents did not report this for fear that the drug cartel would intercept phone transmissions from sophisticated listening posts that they have been manning ON FEDERAL LAND nearby.
     A Customs border stop was shot full of holes during a recent drug run.

     A border control agent; Brian Terry; was recently killed by a weapon that was smuggled into Mexico by the ATF in a botched sting operation where they were trying to pin gun trafficking charges on some nonexistent "Big Gun Runner". This must be investigated and this fish rots from the head down---This means you Big Sis.    

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