Monday, February 28, 2011

Would You Sell A Gun To This Man?

     Has John McCain been "Psy-Opted" again? The story goes; that while in Afghanistan, he and Senator Al Franken  were  targeted illegally by a Psy-Ops operation run by General Caldwell in order to obtain 2 billion in funding for training operations. Al Franken is the Senate Buffoon and his brain has already been washed, bleached RED and spun dried, so he will go along with whatever the latest Regime fashion is in Foreign policy spending. Much of of this money was since diverted into offshore accounts by tribal leaders/regional strong men in country. John McCain has been through the wringer before and God bless him, I believe has been co-opted by the Left long ago. He is a "checked pants; pink shirted Republicrat" of the highest order. The latest on this story is posted below and you can make up your own mind as to the validity of these charges.

     The reason that I bring this up is what McCain, Lieberman, Hillary Clinton, and Obama have all seemingly agreed upon quite suddenly. On Meet The Depressed, and Slay The Nation yesterday McCain called for US funding for the advancement of "democracy" in the troubled nations of the Middle East. (Democracy, to Islamists, means freedom to impose their beliefs on everyone--simply stated--not what democracy means to westerners.) Lieberman took it one step further, saying that we should give them weapons in order to oppose the existing tyrants like Qaddafi. The irony in this is that the Obama administration, the Democrats in Congress and Communists have been supporting Qaddafi for years as a wedge against Reagan and the Right. Now suddenly Obama is sending in his fleet to intimidate Qadaffi? I will believe that when I see it! 

     When will we learn? America will never buy the hearts and loyalties of either the leaders or the mainstream populous of Muslim nations, or those here at home for that matter. Hillary is sending millions to Egypt, Yemen, Lybia, Syria, Algeria and many African rim nations in a doomed effort to influnce opinion and political outcomes in these failed states. Under Bill Clinton we allowed the denudeing of the CIA and all foreign intelligence services. So today we have no boots on the ground to tell us who the good; or even the slightly better choices may be to lead the people of ther Muslim world into the future. I don't believe there are any groups that deserve our backing at this point.
     Oh, let us not forget the poor Palestinians and Hamas. Hillary is "investing" another 150 million of your tax dollarsin Gaza. The Palistinian children must need more rocks.

Harsh but effective--Let them fight it out amongst themselves and there may be a few less of them we have to kill when the final push for a Worldwide Caliphate comes!

      Just one extremely dangerous example of the naive foreign policy at work today is our continued funding of Syria and John Kerry is at the root of much of this. And even now Russia is selling arms to the troubled Syrian tyrants and Iranian warships have docked there to pick up their share of these armaments! There are unconfirmed reports of Iranian Revolutionary Guard units in eastern Lybia where they have been based for some time, and may be preparing to go to battle for Qadaffi.
     We will not win this battle of idealogogies with the same old appeasment tactics. The only thing that the Islamic world respects and understands is STRENGTH! 
     Right now we are in the process of allowing our Constitutional rights as American citizens to be usurped on our own soil! Just watch and see what is going on with this "Million Muslim March" in Wasington this week. Glenn Beck and the The Blaze are giving excellent coverage to the event and the dangerous roots and beliefs of those behind it.

       The Lack Of Intelligence And Intelegencia Will Get You  
                                    A   Beat  Down


j summ said...

could not agree with you more. i can't think of the number of times i have lamented all the money we have given and continue to give away since the end of WW2. trillions and how many friends have we to show for it? zero.

time to stop playing nice. if you are a foreign country and free trade/mutual protect with AMERICA, fine. other than that go begging somewhere else, the bank is closed.

Scott said...

Thanks for visiting and Kudos to you!