Thursday, February 24, 2011

How Did He Get In There

Hat Tip to Van Helsing
I can hear the outcry from bankers and businessmen around the nation--HOW DID HE GET IN THERE?

Barack is purposefully sending small, barely solvent banks to the chopping block as he meets this week with the "chosen ones" in the banking hierarchy. These include the CEO's of Goldman Sachs and Bank America of course. His decree to all mortgagors is to eat the interest and some of the principal on all failing loans. I thought that this same policy drove us over the cliff once before.
The Chief Counsel and Policy Director for the SEC, meanwhile has inherited a fortune from his mother that She made on the Bernie Maddoff ponzi scheme. This occurred while her son was still holding his position. How cozy things are when you get near the top and to the Seat of The Imperial Presidency.
How did he get in there with the credentials of a "Constitutional Lawyer".
He has just imperiously decreed that the Injustice Department will not defend the Defense of Marriage Act any further as in HIS judgement it is unconstitutional.
HE declares in typical arrogant fashion however that Obamacare will be administered on all of us despite being declared null and void in Federal Circuit Court, and after the Regime was declared to be in contempt by another judge.
As we already know, Eric Holder will not pursue any civil rights cases involving the infringement upon white voter's rights. These statutes only apply to chosen minority groups, and presumably to oppressed womyn.
We are still suffering under a nationwide illegal drilling ban, while oil prices skyrocket. BO imposed that even after another judge ruled against it.
And finally on this list of Obamacrimes; let us not forget how bond holders / American investors and pensioners had to take one in the shorts when Barack nationalized the car companies. The unions got half--he got half and we got chump "changed".

BO has  refused Representative Darryl Issa's requests for information on various Justice Dept. activities and unknown Czar actions or pay scale under the Freedom of Information Act. Today Issa will start issuing subpoenas to the Regime. I wonder if they will be ignored as well. 

The Supreme Court has just decided that it may yet hear the case questioning the location of the elusive birth certificate and Barry Sateoro's unclear citizenship.
Even so, with the clearly unlawful and ;some would say; criminal intent of the Dear Leader, I expect that he may pull a disappearing act at the time of any meaningful investigation. I am sure he would be welcomed with open arms and no extradition worries in--let's say--Saudi Arabia--or Iran--or some such tyranny where he would be quite at home.
He might end up with the Democrats from Wisconsin. They have been located!

Then one day we will hear the cry come across the waves---HOW DID HE GET IN HERE?