Thursday, February 17, 2011

Are We Selling Our Souls To Our Masters?

The Obama regime and his Union cronies want your submission. Only the success of a sanctioned union operation will be permitted. All other attempts at free commerce must be crushed. Under the new budget proposal the Small Business Admin. budget will be cut in half--then the whole department will be swallowed up by the Commerce Dept. never to be seen again!

One example of this heavy handed government/union thuggery is to be found in my own back yard--COMING TO A CITY NEAR YOU!

I will give you the Cliff Notes version of the story. An FBI agent once transferred here to Pittsburgh from Chicago. He told his fellow officers at home "So you thought Chicago was corrupt? Just come to Pittsburgh! At least in Chickago they tried to hide it; Here they do it right out in the open!

An Allegheny County based steel company has been the target of a union takeover attempt for years. The company pays its EMPLOYEES well and gives them good a benefit plan. The company also offers work to LEGAL refugees from nations that have oppressed them. They offer them classes in English and trains them at their own expense. And--remember this--The company also has a stellar record with OSHA.

Now comes the union lawyers and the Democrat Allegheny County commissioners. They declare that this company; WNK Steel; has been running a SWEAT SHOP! A bill was passed in 2007 to help expose and rein in such practices. There are eight criteria that must be met in order to be declared a SWEAT SHOP and WNK Steel has not met any of them! Several complaints have been raised concerning other companies' practices in the past and not one was brought before the Commission. Only when WNK Steel employees refused to join the Ironworkers union did the union lawyers bring this hit job up to Allegheny County. You can look the story up in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette). 
     There are Commission hearings held without the company even being notified until the last day. Company employees and representatives showed up on the last hearings and weren't permitted to speak. Only the testimony from two disgrunted WORKERS was admitted. The Council voted; with four Republican Commissioners abstaining; and found the company to be guilty. Dan Anarato, Commission Head has gotten a lot of heat from locals and from listeners to "Quinn and Rose in the Morning" for this hit job and has promised to veto the ruling. Commissioner Fitzgerald (D) is looking for ten votes to overide Anarato's veto. Meanwhile this Leftist thug hit job has done severe harm to the reputation and future prospects of a thriving buisness. It is one of only three surviving in Rankin, and one of these is the local school district! 

This sounds a lot like the tactics of a Chickago thug we have in Wasington doesn't it!

Here; as well as in Washington; It is pay to play--Go along and get along--Do buisness as usual; and with union approval or we force you out! I have had to deal with the same intimidation in my own buisness for years--and in a so called "right to work state".


Gorges Smythe said...

Another reason why American companies are moving overseas (or simply closing their doors).

Scott said...

And the Unions march on their Communist path aided and abetted by BO. Why do people support them when their devastating effect on jobs and corporate America is so obvious? Payolla and the dumbed down WORKER.