Monday, March 21, 2011

Hillary Wages War On Israel--Obama Plays Games

Calypso Louis warns of a civil war involving right wing militia. This blundering uncoordinated Libyan move could blow up in our faces politically or literally down the road when The Brotherhood takes command and the Lefties will find a way, to be sure, that the Right will be blamed! 

     As America is thrown into a Lybian civil war, Obama and his sycophants are spinning the story and the world upside down. The attempt is being made to put an Arab face on this attack on Ghaddafi, but few Arab resources are involved and the former leader of Arab League has denounced the attacks, along with the North African Islamic States. Eleven US warships are involved and only one French vessel and a smattering of Brittish vessels. There is a hidden agenda at work here and it all involves French and BP oil supplies; and a covert move by Obama to isolate Israel by supporting Al Queida and the Muslim Brotherhood in all Midlle Eastern conflicts. This is at direct odds with US interests as well.    
     You will not hear this side effect reported on the Statist media however. Thanks to Aaron Klein of ABC Radio for some of this insight. 
     On Saturday, as the Cruise missles were falling in Tripoli, Hamas began firing mortars into Israeli settlements, and at least one long range missle was fired into an Israeli city where the main power station for Gaza is located. Hamas is playing the tough guy again for Iran's consumption and has even taken responsibility for the attacks.
     Barack the munificent has seen the opportunity for political gain at home and abroad by throwing Ghaddafi under the bus, using Hillary as his hit girl while distancing himself from any decision making or leadership role. HE IS NO LEADER! Ghaddafi was Obama and Al Sharpton's best buddy only a few months ago.

     Make no mistake, this is an attempt by the Obama regime to support the onrush of a worldwide Caliphate movement. North Africa--Libya, Morocco, etc. are the next stepping stones in this attack on the West and our interests abroad. 
     The side game he is playing here involves a move to toss aside any previous PLO agreements and support Hamas in upcoming negotiations. The US funded Palestinian Fatah will soon be EMPLOYING Hamas security forces--possibly as many as 20 or 30,000 of them at the equivalent of $260.00 a month. (A very good income in that region). US taxpayers are paying  the tab to support anti-Israeli forces who have sworn death to the Jews and Christians.
     Obama's hands will remain free of any Muslim blood as his Islamic support groups would not tolerate any direct involvement. But I feel that there will be much Jewish death and suffering along with atrocities against Coptic Christians that he will have to answer for in this world or the next. 

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