Thursday, March 24, 2011

Barbara Boxer And The Attack Of The Valkyries

     Both Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi (WHO HAD A STRESS ATTACK and had to go to an Italian hospital to be checked out)--------

-----spoke out yesterday in support of--Obama's War.--This is the video response she gave when questioned about her backing of an unconstitutional Presidential intervention in Libya. In the meantime it has been revealed that State Department officials with close ties to George Soros were instrumental in pushing Obama into a war on Ghadaffi--(I just love spelling his name differently every time I use it.)

     THE SOROS DOCTRINE is what we are implementing overseas. The Overlord Soros has declared that national sovereignty is not a right but an "earned responsibility".
     Of course HE will decide whether you still have this right according to HIS earnings in Brazil and around the world at YOUR expense.
     These are the "THREE VALKYRIES" Dr. Savage has described as being the instruments of the Soros Doctrine which will cost us billions.------

Susan Rice

Samantha Power
(Wife of Cass Sunstein)

And of course the lead attack dog herself
Hillary Clinton

The neutered Democrat males of Congress had only this response to The Obama War and The Soros Doctrine.----
"We couldn't hear the President on the phone when he called us from Brazil."


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Damn, I knew I shouldn't of had breakfast before coming here today.

Scott said...

Lib chicks and Boxer's mouth will have an upsetting effect to be sure!

Rodney Pike (rwpike) said...

Again, it would be nice of you to post a link if you're going to use my work.