Friday, March 4, 2011

Obama Calls Qaddafi Out

In an "unprecedented" move yesterday by our brave young president, Obama called Qaddafi by name as he threatened to use American air power to stop the Muslim on Muslim killings in Libya and impose a no fly zone. This "historic" statement was made as Hillary Clinton was on her way to the region to confer with NATO allies. She was heard to respond to the Presidents statement by saying, "He is going to WHAA..."

There are unconfirmed reports that the President is personally planning the strategy for the Libyan incursion, and that he may oversee the operation firsthand from the deck of a specially outfitted carrier.

 When asked about concerns for his personal security the President responded that he would be accompanied by a hand-picked personal crew and personal guard unit.

Finally; when asked what his actions might be if and when Qaddafi puts up a fierce resistance as he has threatened to do; the President responded,
     "I have a plan at the ready for a quick extraction of our forces if confronted with any unforseen obstacles."

He continued, "We have done a comprehensive study of Qaddafi's ground strength and we are confident of a successful outcome! Our planes are on alert and at the ready!"

A big tip of the hat to Odie and Rodney


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

How did the people in the plane get that big butt back up ? The kids in that video are good candidates for future know nothing community organizers and Union members. The future of this country looks worse every day.

Scott said...

Obummer's OFA has a call for more community "agitators" on it's website. Keep 'em dumbed down-- It is in the Communist manifesto and in their modern plan.

Rodney Pike (rwpike) said...

I had the pleasure of thumping on him in the 1986 bombing of Libya when I was in the Navy. 7th Fleet USS Biddle CG-34, under President Regan.

Scott said...

That was definately a worthwhile cause Rodney--Way to go!