Friday, March 11, 2011

Liberals try to distract Hearing by Crying, Using Emotional 'Objection'

"I am soooo hurt--I am sssooo outraged. My Muslim dignity has been assaulted! Islam has been attacked again!"

Oh Please--Give me a break! Congressman Ellison is sensationalizing and distorting the facts on this issue so obviously it makes me SICK>(See some of my own sensationalizing in my posts below if you will--It is today's theme.)

In Pajamas Media Mr. Poole tells of how the man Mr. Ellison refers to was actually treated. He was glorified by the press and given accolades by President Bush, Congress, Mayor Bloomberg and many others--much more attention in fact than was given to any other first responder at the time. Only once did an annonymous source imply in a Washington Post article that the man had coluded in the events of 9-11. These reports were immediately withdrawn.
Congressman Ellison is acting for the State Run Media and does not deserve the attention. He is not to be trusted either. He (I and others believe) was involved in the infamous "Flying Immams" blackmail scam against the airlines. If I want to see soap opera drama I will go to another source than the halls of Congress....Drama Queen!>>  Pajamas Media    

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Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Yup, and I'm attacking it too.