Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Affirmative Action President

     When we have an unqualified, undocumented affirmative action President, what would you expect from his Social Justice Department Chief Eric Holder? Just what we get! Here in Dayton--Crack heaven of mid-Ohio Holder has decided that there aren't enough blacks passing the test for the police department, so The Social Justice Department must lower testing standards to the equivalent of a "D" and an "F" in order to fill the "Obama quota." I have neighbors that have moved here to my ville just to avoid the violence in Dayton. Are we to expect that things are going to improve just because more unqualified blacks are "admitted " to the police ranks. I expect just the opposite result as is the case with all leftist policy. "Leftist policies always result in the exact opposite of their stated intent", Jim Quinn.
     The esteemed Holder filed lawsuit against the NY city fire department and it  resulted in a judicial ruling which requires the retroactive hiring of failed candidates for positions--including backpay and senority that would have been theirs if they had been hired.
     One more example of Obama,s affirmative action agenda is the recent report filed by Pentagon political hacks that states we have a military run bt "too many white men." I presume that we need more women running "pig boats" and more "undocumented" aliens and blacks who can't speak English, read, or write leading divisions of our youth into battle.
     Odd thing it may seem but I thought that the one Constitutional mandate the President had was to "Protect American citizens from threats foreign or domestic". I guess I am just old fashioned that way.

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