Thursday, May 19, 2011

Time for some "Cainsian" Economics

This man is on the move and he has never let anyone hold him back before! Read all about it--Herman Cain moves up - The Hill's Pundits Blog and his vertical and horizontal budget cutting plans at


Trestin said...

He is funded by the same people who fund Obama. Follow the money.

Scott said...

Cain backed TARP as many have--possibly a mistake--the jury is still out on that one. He has banking ties, yes. However, 70% of his political donations have been to Rep. causes. He draws support from the same element of the GOP who backed Sarah Palin. If some black groups support him, more power to them--Race is the whole issue to most blacks anyway. If you mean Wall Street support--He does support buisness interests--not cronie capitalism like Obummer. I find it hard to believe that George Soros is funding Herman Cain. I will follow the man and if his money be damned, so be it.