Friday, May 27, 2011

The Devolution Of MAN

Just last week a libertarian friend of mine asked if I had heard the theory of the devolution of MAN. I have. Many think the trend of inbreeding the lowest common denominators into our species is devolving "modern MAN". This will eventually lead to the end of civilization as we know it.


We see the evidence every day---

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Inbreeding is never good---Some people really should wear sunglasses---

I'm truly sorry for my insensitivity old man, but when I saw this pic I just couldn't wait to spring this one.

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But moving on---quickly---and to my point---
Cass Sunstein; "The most dangerous man in America" according to Glenn Beck; is quoted saying that all the Leftists in power have to do is to "seek out the Homer Simpson in every man and they (American citizens) can be easily manipulated."
This week a new poll came out declaring that Americans consider FOX News to be the most reliable news source in the nation--by very wide margins. (Duh--who would have guessed)
You get the idea.
But, as soon as these statistics were published, a new study comes out of some Libtard think tank in one of our esteemed Centers of Lower Learning which states that FOX News executives hide the truth from viewers so as to keep Americans in the dark. They also go so far as to proclaim the following--- 
"Evidence shows that the more you watch FOX news; the more ignorant you become."
I really would like to know what statistical formula they used to come to this enlightened conclusion.
We are truly losing ground in the march up the evolutionary ladder; if you really believe in evolution. Our Dear Leader proclaimed Darwin to be one of the all time great thinkers just the other day so it must be true. The ONE also stated that "GOVERNMENT CANNOT CREATE JOBS" only private sector innovation and entrepeneaurship can.
Does Obama REALLY believe this? I think you know the answer to that one. It is campaign mode rhetoric and nothing more. He will also defend Israel with his "IRONCLAD" devotion to the Jewish stateYEAH RIGHT! Keep believing what you hear folks. They really do think you are stupid.

  The new Ministry of Truth under Czar Jesse Lee will keep you informed as to what you are permitted to believe and to speak about.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Wow, you really had fun with this one. Thank you (I think) kind Sir.

Scott said...

Always referenced with sincere respect to the Google Master. I did enjoy this distraction--but I worry about some HUMANS.