Friday, May 20, 2011

The Fourth Estate And The Fifth Column

In this ARTICLE Svetlana Kunin draws the correlation between her experience with repression of speech in Russia and what we see happening in America today. The entire series of her articles can be found above.

Joe McCarthy was right! We have been infiltrated and the enemy is US!
As we have heard, the FCC diversity CZAR praises Venezuela's Hugo Chavez's censorship in his treatment of the press. Just recently Obama denied access to his Boston fundraiser to the Boston globe because they ran a front page op-ed by Nit Romney. One "unnamed' member of the White House press corps said last week that "The atmosphere in an Obama press conference is like being at a funeral--all stale and pale, with everyone sitting there with their hands crossed in their laps. Obama is treated like a monarch at these events. This is nothing like the real conferences of the past and certainly nothing like the energetic interactive conferences with President Kennedy." I watched a presser with Russian President Medvedev this week. There were 800 journalists there. Medvedev said that this was the first conference in Russian history that was not moderated by a third party, but run by the President himself; with no one running interference for him (Obama has thugs at every turn, ready to gag his opposition from the press.)
Obama's lies remain unopposed. His attacks on our allies; Israel for example; remain unquestioned. His class warfare attacks on Republicans continue unabated. I see no relief in sight from the crap that continues to spew out of the propaganda machine which this regime has put in place.

But not to worry. Our own Pravda is still hard at work printing all the news they can "spin" up. Today's NY times headlines read---

Katie Couric leaves CBS Nightly News--


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Anonymous said...

We need to come to grips with that fact that in the 1960's our nation underwent a Marxist revolution. Only when we accept the truth can we fix the problem.