Monday, May 16, 2011

Will The Reptillians Win The War?

I have been reticent in posting on what I believe is a crucial policy struggle throughout our nation. This is the battle for our rights to our own resources and use of our own land for agriculture. I am proud to call Marita K. Noon a Facebook friend.

 She is on the front lines in New Mexico rallying against the Obama EPA and their land grab which will put thousands if not millions of acres in NM and Texas off limits to development; including drilling and agriculture. This would also ban power lines and road construction.
The EPA has included one small southwestern lizard on it's widely expanding endangered species list. Several hundreds of other species are set for addition to this list which will strangle any future growth in all economic sectors. 
 This is a lengthy video, but it explains fully her stance on this issue. I have posted a link to the Freedom Works site on my Facebook page where you can sign a new petition to stop the Obummer EPA train in it's tracks. Letters will be sent to your representatives automatically upon your approval. I know that petition drives are met with little enthusiasm on Capital Hill, but this movement seems to be picking up steam.



Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Go get em girl!

Scott said...

She is a tough one to be sure!