Friday, May 6, 2011


Obummer spikes his own ball in New York yesterday, but Americans are not permitted the same satisfaction. I am tired of this charade, and especially tired of being told what American values are by a man with NONE! Several 9-11 victims refused to attend HIS photo op. They were sent form letters saying, "Dear 9-11 victim, would you please attend...". 
How crass can you get. This will be the first and only time you see The Dear Leader at ground zero. There is political hay to make right now--after this he will crawl home to his "Code Pink" base and go all sweetness and light on us again. 

He has company arriving with his virgins!

A tip of the Texas hat to the real architect of Osama's demise.
Isn't it time that Eric Holder cease and desist on the CIA interrogator witch hunt?

"It's amazing what you can accomplish when you don't care who get's the credit."
Harry S. Truman
But we all know who the media bows down to. All credit to The Great--The New "Blood and Guts Obama." Such a "gutsy" move.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Cool post Dude! That first photo is too much, and I might have to steal that Obama animated GIF.

Anonymous said...

I think Bob Ross is the greatest painter/military planner in American history.

Scott said...

Go for it Odie---I've been preoccupied--sorry for the delay.
Bob Ross--a real team player and wallflower extrordinaire--LOL

BOISBS said...

Just wait a bit longer until the people start thinking about their personal problems like the economy, and jobs instead of bin Laden
Clinton left with a 65% approval after the Lewinski scandal, so much for approval ratings....
Obama is a total failure, and what you people think about his BS killing of bin Laden is going to be meaningless in a month or two.. Obama is a one termer, just like Jimmy Carter.

Scott said...

We have a huge entitlement class to fight next year and 40% of the workforce is employed by government in one form or another. Add the union thug muscle--the media--and academia on HIS side and it will still be an uphill battle. We need a true conservative voice in there and we set the agenda!