Tuesday, May 17, 2011

THE THUG WATCH--part one

In this Steubenville Herald Star article you will see that the shootings continue unabated in my city. There have been two arrests in past weeks in the more obvious cases, but street violence in the HOOD is on the rise.
One house on the next block was broken into three times last month. Games and a flat screen TV were stolen first. The next time food and copper piping were snatched.
Thugs lie in wait near local banks on the first of the month to rob the elderly of their government checks.
Blood stains the walls and runs in the street near the local "Ghetto Gas" carryout as weak minded patrons are attacked in and around the store.
Local apartment dwellers are robbed as they enter their homes with their entitlement cash.
 Last month my own son was attacked and beaten outside my house by three black "yutes" in order to steal his I-Pod.
My next door neighbor was beaten and robbed last week as well right outside his home by the same thugs.
I went after them as soon as I heard the commotion, but they had fled. I will not back down and being well armed AT ALL TIMES the punks tend to avoid close contact with me personally. I don't like having a reputation; but sometimes it comes in handy. I have suffered a few broken windows over it, but that is all---so far.
The problem is that when the police cannot, or do not stop these attacks sooner or later someone will take reprisals on their own. Then, inevitably, some "poor disadvantaged kid" will get hurt and a respectable member of the community who has defended himself, or his property, will be in the crosshairs of our local  liberal legal beagles.

I support any and all attempts to arrest and prosecute these "gangstas" but I do not support police thuggery either.----Please read part two of this posting---

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