Thursday, April 7, 2011

Beware The Government Media Complex

In this link we see the censorship that is being imposed by an information mogul with a new "Global Warming" agenda and a warm spot in bed with the Obama regime-- here--

Here we can hear Michael Savage's admonition against Big Brother from 2007.


 Here we see Glenn Beck's future departure from FOX--or rather his move into the "Special Producer" category being loudly applauded by media and Obummer hack Chrissy Matthews. I believe that Saudi money and "Muslim Brotherhood" influence have infiltrated FOX News as Murdoch has invested in a new Middle Eastern news operation; and the Saudi prince who FOX accused of offering Mayor Bloomberg "Blood Money" now owns 8 or 9% of FOX.

Here we see the implementation of media to dupe the public into civil disobediance to serve the purposes of the ELITE!

Here we see the Government's growing mind control tactics over our children.

More to come....


Anonymous said...

This is something that is not getting enough attention.

Scott said...

Thanks Trestin, and with BO's new "social media" blitz for the next two years more and more of our dumbed down "YUTES" are being targeted with radical Left wing propaganda---backed by powerful media.