Friday, April 15, 2011

Holder Lets A Big One Get Away

     This article tells some of the story, but what you don't find is the truth about the Obama Regime's cozy relationship with Hugo Chavez and the drug cartels. Holder refused to extradite the #3 drug kingpin worldwide, Walid Makled, from Columbia saying he is just a minor player.
     The truth is Makled has ties with Hezbollah and has dirt on Chavez; neither of which fit in with the Obama template of supporting terrorism and drug traffickers who threaten America. The deadline for his extradition expires today and he will probably be set free to escape back to Caracas. 
     Remember---It was Holder who; as Att. Gen. of NY; released FALN bombers onto the streets of New York city. Democrats and Obama were found to be in support of FARQ terrorists as well.
The story begins here---

Daily Journal - Colombia's interior minister OKs extradition of reputed drug boss Makled back to Venezuela

     I don't think this tale will end well---Read more on Obummer and Eric Holder's openly traitorous behavior in my next post...


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Holder is on the Take.

Scott said...

Said that for years when he pulled that one in NY.---You think he's corrupt--surely not...LOL