Tuesday, April 12, 2011


As George Carlin said years after the 60's had passed him by---"Just like a flashback from a  bad acid trip, sometimes It's the bad old days all over again." I was too close for comfort at Kent State following these "Revolting' developments.

To quote Obummer himself--"I can tell you all about a man by who he hangs with."

Here we see, among others, Tom Hayden and Bernadine Dorn--friend of The Dear Leader, and sponsor of cop killing terrorist acts as well as a Manson "chick".

Haydon and the old Chickago gang.

Haydon sneaking Francis Fox Pivin (of the Cloward-Pivin strategy for the destruction of capitalism and the rise of Communist revolution)  in a window of the Administration Building at Columbia during the protests.

And now the old Leftist / Marxist infiltrators have returned with all new faces. I read this week where Tom Hayden has praised Samantha Powers / Hippie chick and Humanitarian Obama Moonbat extraordinaire. Hayden says he finds her "originality" on how to use the American military to advance Leftist ideals to be interesting and highly useful. This war on Libya can be accomplished while "America's role in the world and her national sovereignty is diminished". Israel will be next as Powers has called for a "mammoth force" to be constructed to oppose Israeli "aggression". 

Lefties and children with guns are a lethal combination--usually deadly for the "owners" themselves---meaning US---the responsible Conservative Americans.


Anonymous said...

America needs to come to grips with what really happened in the 60's. We had a Communist revolution.

Scott said...

I witnessed it firsthand--even in the hot-house atmosphere of Haight Ashbury and UCLA in the early seventies--hanging out with SDS and Weathermen in a "safehouse".

I was schooled in their tactics and eventually--I WENT TO WORK__RAN A BUISNESS AND GREW UP!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

See ... if you tolerate something long enough it will come back to bite you 50 years later.

Scott said...

I have been bitten before. "Once bitten twice shy." Now I bite back!