Friday, April 8, 2011

Breaking News For Donald Trump

Hey Donald here is some "hair-raising" evidence for your Birther campaign against Obama. I hear that you are going to counter the millions Obummer has spent to hide his past with millions of your own trying to expose him. GOOD LUCK with that!
I think that some folks should do a little bit of checking on Trump's own background and his real stance on unions and other issues before backing him on his admittedly strong "Birther" stance alone. More in the comment section--this post--


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Trump is a S*** stirrer.

Scott said...

Trump is a lightning rod and nothing more. Some folks should do some background investigation on HIM--like his comment that Pelosi is the greatest--or his relationship with Jane Fonda and the Global Warming / NWO crowd. How about him saying that America is no longer the greatest place on earth? Just asking.

Trestin said...

Amen Scott! I'm surprised to see how many reasonable conservatives are buying into all this Trump nonsense.