Monday, April 4, 2011

Team Obama Food Police™ Calorie Count Edition

     With federal calorie counting requirements going into effect nationwide you would think that the home of Obama--(the Chicago home that is)--the Illinois First District would have a stellar record in the category of healthy living wouldn't you?
     Well this is not the case at all. A newly published report finds that among all districts the Obama district comes in 438th---DEAD LAST in healthy living standards for the state. This is down from last year's ranking of 408th.
     But be assured---That will not deter BO and Moochelle from dictating every miniscule detail of your miserable little lives. Have a nice day!
     And remember-----


Anonymous said...

If only that cup had the caption missing since.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Pretty soon the Gum't will count the toilet paper squares you're using every visit to the bathroom. Hell, they already regulate gallons per flush.

Scott said...

San Fransicko has to spend millions now to rebuild their sewer system because of low flush toilets. "Liberal policies always result in the opposite of their stated intent."