Friday, April 29, 2011

The Political / Corporate General

This is the image of General Bean (by Rodney) of one wild eyed warmonger. He would probably be a  general that I would follow into hell and back.
General Patton once said, "I don't judge a man by how high he climbs, but by how high he bounces when he hits bottom." We need these types of men to lead our country now. Alan West is a good example. He has been attacked visciously of late by Leftist Moonbats at town hall meetings and it disgusts me to no end. This is the video.

This is the image of a political hack. Despite his sucesses this man does not deserve respect. He rose up the ranks not because of any leadership skills but due to the proper ties with academia and the press. Colin Powell rose to the top on the backs of better men who fought and died for their nation--not for him. We see today that Powell is considering a run for a Senate seat as a "Demoncat."  This is not suprising from a man with questionable values and loyalties.
Now we have the great commander in "feif" ,Obummer the MAN,

He is making purely political decisions with regard to our military leadership. General Petraeus, a truly honorable man in my opinion, has been dumped into the CIA in order to keep him silent and to put him under constant watch by BO INFILTRATORS!
Our new man at the top, Leon Pannetta is the replacement for the political general of all time,  General Gates. He is in his 80's and no threat to anyone including Barack's power. He has been an Obama zombie from the very start.  The political general--nothing more than a corporate CEO--has no place at the head of our ranks. It is a sign of our "Progressive' times though. This is a well planned strategy by the Left to infiltrate our ranks with weak-kneed simps who will weaken us and debilitate our will to fight.

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