Monday, October 8, 2012

Code Pink: "We Support the Murder of American Troops." Michelle Obama "Keep up the Good Work."

Moochellle's support of Code Pink really disgusts me. EXCERPTS:

First Lady Michelle Obama, accepting an anti-war petition at a fundraiser in San Francisco last week, told the CodePink member who presented her with 20,000 signatures, ”Keep up the great work,” the organization’s co-founders say.


 Kristin Hull, a CodePink supporter – one who paid to get into the $500 a head fundraiser – personally met up with Michelle Obama at the California Academy of Sciences last Friday.

After Hull handed Mrs. Obama a petition urging peacekeeping not war with Iran — a document signed by luminaries like Gloria Steinham, Alice Walker and Eve Ensler – ”Ms. Obama thanked Hull for her advocacy and said, “Keep up the great work,” writes Benjamin. “As Hull was walking away after her photo with the First Lady,

Michelle Obama grabbed her hand, squeezed it and said, “We really need you.”

San Francisco Chronicle comrade Joe Garofoli, the pool reporter for the Obama event, wrote about the presentation of the petition to Mrs. Obama during the fundraiser. But he was not allowed to shoot video and was escorted inside only to hear the First Lady’s 22-minute address.
Here’s Garofoli’s story on the fundraiser.

And here’s Medea Benjamin’s version of how it went last week in San Francisco:
“On Friday, March 30, First Lady Michelle Obama received an unusual request at her San Francisco fundraiser. Instead of “Can I have a picture with you?,” one major donor asked, “Will you use your leadership to prevent an attack on Iran?”
“Kristin Hull hand delivered to Ms. Obama a petition against war on Iran that was signed by prominent women including Gloria Steinem, Alice Walker, and Eve Ensler, and over 20,000 American women and allies.
“Hull implored the First Lady to think of the military families and veterans who have paid the price of war. Ms. Obama has championed veterans’ issues while in office and for this reason, in addition to her obvious proximity to the President, women’s groups have made her a focus
of their peace efforts.

More at SF Gate and Sodahead...Via...Melony B. Deford

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Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Commies for Obama ... surprise, surprise.

Scott Way said...

Remember, Chavez loves him too!