Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Romney Wins Three Way Debate

Not only did President Obama come into the second presidential debate more aggressive and prepared, but he brought a secret weapon -- the moderator, Candy Crowley. At two pivotal moments, Ms. Crowley, typically a relatively fair reporter, showed her bias and changed the course of the debate.

First, she backed up Mr. Obama's assertion that he had called the attacks at Benghazi a "terrorist attack" in a Rose Garden event on the day after the tragedy. (After the debate, she reversed her assessment and stated that she was in error.) Second, she consistently let Obama stay two minutes ahead of Mr. Romney in terms of time, and at the end of the debate, Obama had a full three-minute advantage. In addition, at the end of the debate, Crowley gave Obama the last two minutes for a peroration where he gave new arguments (including the "47 percent") without fear of rebuttal.

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                                   Obama Drives Voters Away



                     Focus Groups Give Romney The Nod

Closing body language: Romney humble, great gestures - hand to heart, hand to audience. Voice soft. Describing who he is in response to final question from audience. NOT an Obama plant question. Maybe a Romney plant?

Closing body language: Obama says he doesn't believe that government creates jobs (same thing - everybody fair shot, everybody fair share, we play by the same rules). Fist and pointer body language, so if you like fist and pointing finger, go for that.

Focus group responses: Positive comments re: Romney - very specific. At least 6 voters switching from Obama in focus group. They don't like Obama in debate!

"I think rather than defend his own record, he just attacked attacked attacked. That is no way to win the Presidency."

Another lady was undecided between Romney and NOT voting at all - and was "extremely favorably impressed and heard what I wanted to hear."

"He's lied about everything, and he hasn't come through on anything." Used the "BS" word.

Lady is supporting Obama because of women's rights. Women are a huge part of this country. We can't have a slick guy coming into office. Majority of audience disagrees with her, including females.

37% in CBS Instant Poll say Obama won, 30% Romney, 30% tie. Focus group in Nevada of Obama voters, undecided, say they are voting for Romney, describe Romney in strong positive terms.

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