Wednesday, October 3, 2012

No Time For H..H..HIMSELF...Oh My

Giggle of the day!

Obama claims no time for debate prep due to ‘governing’

Mark Knoller


Campaign press secy @jrpsaki says Pres Obama hasn't had as much time for debate prep so far due to constraints of governing.
From Twitchy



I must add something here from a moral perspective...Something  lacking in the Democrat party and from their lapdog media hacks.
From Bishop E.W Jackson
President of


Mark Adams said...

Love the Simpson/Bowles/empty chair the best! LOL! Classic!

And I am hoping Obama has not been practicing his debate skills (2B honest, he has none)and gets his butt handed to him. But I am also certain, he'll be given softball questions tonight.

Scott Way said...

UPDATE...Romney looked him dead in the eye and knocked BO down a few notches! HE looked like a petulant child with his hand caught in the cookie jar.