Saturday, October 20, 2012

Truth is Essential to Good Humor

Last night I heard one humorist on the radio giving his assessment of the presidential candidates' humor at the Al Smith dinner (He was the only one with enough guts to chide our HUMORLESS Dear Leader). One comment struck me as extremely relevant and to the point.

Real irony, satire, and sarcasm requires an understanding of the truth. Great humorists always incorporate some element of truth in any good presentation.

This is what Obuma lacks. His timing is always off. His delivery is lousy, even when provided with some decent material by his handlers. The fact is that he lies and slanders so maliciously and so often that he has lost touch with reality. Thus he comes off as cold, stale, and frankly unbelievable.

Romney, on the other hand, is what he seems...personable, a real man, who tells it like it is...with a great heart and a quick mind.

Thursday -- October 18, 2012, Breitbart 

As they pretentiously announce at the start of every episode of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show." Influential and irreverent Jewish host, Jon Stewart (neé Liebowitz), had two segments with his special guest President Barack Obama.

Let’s just say that this show turned out to be not optimal for Democrats. Stewart asked good questions. The President gave bad answers. Stewart showed no desire to follow up. Both men seemed rather out of steam.
The air flew out of the room when the host initially showed the President a picture of Michelle Obama glowering at her husband after the debacle which was his Denver debate. It went downhill from there.

Stewart asked the great question of how we could expect anything but stalemate if Obama is reelected along with the Republican House. Obama had no answer, just an uneven segue into his stump speech. Libya talk added yet another layer of incriminating statements for those, like me, who smell a rat.

But it was a few hours later, on the evening of Thursday, October 18, 2012, at the famed Waldorf Astoria that Obama met his Waterloo...Read more by Craig Silverman at Breitbart

His opponent, Mitt Romney, showed the country he is smart and funny. Romney is unafraid. He delivered a superlative stand-up comedy routine to a crowd that included prominent Catholics, the opposition mainstream media, and President Obama.

Every joke worked at every level, much to the detriment of Obama. I thought the Secret Service might step in as the President got harpooned. But it was so gentle, artful and funny. This is the beauty of America where we have free speech.

For the first time in a while, I felt sorry for the President having to follow that act. I give him props for not running to the bathroom to throw up. The President got off some good lines of his own but he had flop sweat and he seemed distracted. Once again, he was caught in a situation that was not optimal. And he has another debate a few days away. What can he say about Libya then?

If Barry's strength doesn't lie in his comedic talent, then where does his real power lie...


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