Friday, October 12, 2012

To Laugh...Or Cry...The Liberal Idol

Here are some assorted Biden yuks for you...
This is a true Amerikan Liberal giant at his best!


The next time they will tell us we can't eat the rich and have them too!

In order to keep people hungry and oppressed, Ryan and Romney are also conspiring to destroy the great discovery of people's agriculture - the flying pig!

All the world's hungry could be fed and all wars could stop if these rich white Republicans wouldn't hide from us this magical progressive breed that can live on trees, feed on the nectar, and taste like chicken!

The Progressive philosophy as told to us by one good ole boy...
When you get stuck in a rut just call in your friends and y'all can get stuck together!
Thx to Big Fur Hat



Mark Adams said...

Love the maraca's pic. Too damn funny.

Scott Way said...

I am adding one today...The Bart Simson family resemblance!