Friday, October 16, 2009

Viva La Revolution!

This week "Big Sis" Janet Nepolitano of DHS declared that she will start puuting illegal aliens up in hotels as they are picked up and detained. In Calif. young drug dealers cannot even be deported if they get their way. While they are at it I am sure ACORN representatives will be on hand to register them to vote."""Sidebar"""Congressional restrictions on ACORN funding expires on Oct. 31st. So watch your kids--the bag snatchers--pimps and thugs will be back at work on this year's latest spookfest!

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Elizabeth McKenzie said...

You know, it's all about the minority, don't you? I mean, come on. Just sayin'.

Thanks for joining my blog. I don't feel so all alone knowing there are others like me. By-the-way, that picture of you resembles Jack Nickolson. You knew that, didn't you?