Friday, October 16, 2009

Big Al and BO New NFL CZARS

Rush Rules! New info from the American Thinker indicates that the false quotes attributed to Rush Linbaugh on Wikipedia are being spread by a NY legal firm with ties to Rudy Guiallini. Ties are appearing with Demaurice Smith and Eric Holder
possibly even a hit scheme by George Soros. What next--Barack the Magnificent and the race-baiting poverty pimp Al Sharpton want to control the NFL. Nothing would surprise me. The NFL and especially ESPN are run by a bunch of leftist bigots as it is. Follow the money and the political agenda here is to diminish Rush. Clearly a backdoor hit from the Chicago thugs. The only thing that they acheive here is to overreach their authority once more and a whole lot of people are going to fight back at this sort of tactic. Poke this big bear of conservatism in the but often enough and sooner or later it will turn around and bite you!

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