Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Social Engineering For You

Firstly, here is some history you may not remember--Clinton bailed out banks and lending corps. several times during his reign. This happened during his failed Urban Redevelopment programs during which banks were forced to lend to unqualified ethnicly chosen lenders. Obama defended some of these deadbeats in court on behalf of ACORN on charges of racism. It just so happens, I bought a house during this era and watched helplessly as my quiet semi-retirement community became slowly transformed into a section 8 drug and gang haven. The make it a point to move here from as far away as Cleveland, Columbus and NY. Rival gangs conflict with the inevitable results. I have had several neighbors shot and killed over the years; The majority of the good neighbors I had have moved out; and my property values have plummetted even before the housing meltdown. Now we are facing a brand new round of wealth distribution on steroids. ACORN is coming back stronger than ever with their thug arm of the SEIU to intimidate banks and corporations into giving bad loans--or in leiu of that--extortion money. These corporations include many of the largest in the nation, threatened with boycott and shady tactics used by Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and others.
Barney Frank is revving up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for a new lending binge as he takes more control over HUD. A commercial property mortage bubble is about to burst on the scene, and Big Govt. Nanny State redistribution (reparations) is in full speed ahead. The dollar continues to fall as the Obama debt is now 4 times the debt of the Bush admin. And before I hear that BUSH DID IT! again. Let me remind you that unemployment was at 5% last May. This has been a determined progressive agenda for many years--Destroy the Capitalist system! And here are the bywords for the communist mobsters that are driving Obamacare, Cap and Tax, Immigration reform, and the upheaval of your education system into a total indoctrination camp system (As if it wasn't anti-Christian and Marxist enough). Make no mistake muslim radicals have invaded our schools as we speak and their camps are turning out radicals as close to me as Dayton OH and driving sharia law into and through our courts. These bywords of which I speak are as follows--
Moral Relativism (In other words make up your own and it's all good. The State becomes your God in this framework.)
Social Justice (All this means is justice for certain groups and none for you. Become a member and tow the line of the party elite or "justice has no meaning for you. If the courts can't out you away massive regulation will oppress you into submission.)
Multiculturalism (This is a utopian leftist ideal which only serves to divide Americans by beliefs, language and culture.)
Diversity (Leftists are fond of saying that diversity brings prosperity, opportunity and hope. The exact opposite is true. Diversity can result from these things, but is not guaranteed. People tend to hang with those who expouse like ideals and they always will. We are Americans though not "hyphenated Americans.)
Finally, here is a truism that Americans should have learned long ago. "Liberalism always produces the exact opposite of it's stated intent" Quinn, of Quinn and Rose America's Morning Show. warroom.com WPGB Pittsburgh 104.7
Political Correctness (A concept conceived by Mao--Fits right in with the new Obama Czar dialogue doesn't it--This ultimate purpose behind this idea is to silence those oppose the agenda of the ruling elite. Legal penalties for hate speech are based on a political agenda and based on a progressive totalitarian ideal)

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