Monday, October 19, 2009

Emperor BO and the NWO

Several items to get to--somewhat disparite---but it's connect the dots time. As I have previously alluded to, BO is prepared to sign a UN directive which would give them the power to limit your first ammendment right to free speech. What they determine to be offensive to muslims for example would be prohibited. Christians of course would not have access to the same protections Hate speech and the definition of same is a very slippery slope which is used by the elitest communist power base in many nations to supress opposing views. Today we learn of the content of the climate bill which BO intends to sign in Copenhagen in Dec. This agreement openly describes a "World Govt." It lays out the plan for "western" nations to give money to the third world in the form of Climate Debt. presumably owed to them because of our destruction of the planet, which as we know is a George Soros/Maurice Strong/Al Gore/World Communism scam. The agreement also includes enforcement procedures to punish States or corporations that do not comply. This is just the next step in denying you American soveriegnty. BO does not believe in the constitution as written. He has said so, and he intends to bypass the 2/3 majority needed to ratify treaties by passing it as US law by means of a plain majority. The overall effect will be the same eventually. World Communism with BO at the helm. His true goal all all along. From each according to their means--to each according to their need. Coming up--The Economic Meltdown Squared. Progressive Social Engineering

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